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WELCOME TO (www.ashtondata.com) WEB SITE

     Ashton Data, LLC (ashtondata.com) is a privately held Limited Liability Company, which has achieved its success by providing a total commitment to quality and reliability of service at the lowest price.

     Our emphasis is on creating “Solutions through Research” by pioneering new ways to reliably search, locate and download individually tailored real estate and assessor's property reports over the Internet.


     The ashtondata.com’s database is easy to use. But before you begin, we recommend you take a moment to read what follows so you can find the information you want as efficiently as possible.

Where does the information come from?

The information contained in this website is prepared from a variety of sources, including data collected from other organizations. The maps included in this web site do not represent a survey and are compiled from official records, including plats, surveys, recorded deeds, and contracts.

How often is the database updated?

The Ashtondata.com’s database is updated daily. Sales data reports are available for 2 years after the close of sale. All areas have at least 1 year of history.

What about property descriptions - number of bedrooms, style of house, square footage, etc.?

Tax parcel data information and maps can be obtained by clicking the tax parcel number after completing your specific search. This information is updated on a quarterly basis.

Ways to search using Ashtondata.com’s database:

By Single property "find sale of specific address'' (example: “123 Front St.”)

By Street "find all sales: (example: “Front Street”)

By Price Range "find sales between price sold (example: “$50,000 and $395,000”)

Specific Criteria “find sales based upon other criteria (example: “# number of bedrooms, sq ft, etc”)

Single Property searches -

The Ashtondata.com’s database lets you find the sales data of a specific property you choose. If the property has sold more than once, all sales at the address will be displayed.

A word about multi-unit buildings that share the same street address, use the single house search. Each search will return sales, which match your search criteria, including unit number in the building.

Street searches -

A street search will return sales for the entire street. The most recent sales on a single street will be returned first.

Price Range searches -

A Price Range search will return sales within the price range you select.

Specific Criteria Searches –

Specific Searches will display all sales based upon your selected criteria.

General searching tips -

Search results will include tax parcel number, purchase price, sale date and address only. Property descriptions and buyer or seller names maybe obtained by clicking tax parcel number after completion of search.

Use upper case or lower case letters as you prefer. For numbered streets — Enter, as it would appear on the street sign. (Example: for 3rd Ave., enter “3 rd." For First St., enter "First St.")

For lettered streets, such as B Street, enter the corresponding single letter, i.e. "B"

Be as specific as necessary. For example, if you request, sales between $175,000 and $ 250,000, your search will gather hundreds of records. Therefore, narrow your search by using “date” specific... (Example: between 10 January 2000 and 13 March 2000

Common Errors -

Misspelled street names. Be careful to spell the street name correctly.

It can be better to leave out street suffixes such as Way, Court, Lane, Street, Avenue, etc., especially if you are having trouble finding the street.

If the street name has spaces in it, include the spaces. Do not enter “Sea Going Lane” as "Seagoing lane" The same goes for names as well.

For numbered streets, enter, as it would appear on a street sign. Examples for 15th St., enter "15th," for 3rd Ave., enter "3rd,"

For lettered streets, such as A Street, enter the corresponding single letter - "A".

Enter price range numbers completely. (For example, for two hundred thirty-five thousand, enter "235,000")

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